23 Aesculap Stripping Knife ​ ​ ​ ref. no. length ​ € VH320R 160 mm 1/50 ​ VH321R 195 mm 1/50 ​ VH325R 180 mm 1/50 ​ VH326R 180 mm 1/50 ​ VH327R 190 mm 1/50 ​ VH328R 190 mm 1/50 ​ VH329R 190 mm 1/50 ​ VH333R 145 mm 1/50 ​ VH334R 145 mm 1/50 ​ VH320R short blade, finely serrated, 160 mm for ears, transitions, fine work, head and cheeks, neck and tail VH321R very finely serrated, 195 mm suitable for spaniels/setters VH325R English design, 180 mm Westies, wire-haired dachshunds including other terriers with normal or little undercoat VH326R very finely serrated, 180 mm for finishing trims, trimming of individual outer hairs, also suitable for ears, neck and head where the hair is kept very short VH327R finely serrated, 190 mm for fine hair, normal to little fine undercoat, for parts of the body where trimming needs to be very precise and short, for undercoat VH328R medium serration, 190 mm for normal coats with a balanced undercoat, for the ‘jacket’ of terriers, backs and into the sides (Westie, Fox, Scottish, Airdale, Lakeland, Schnauzer), also for thicker undercoats VH329R coarsely serrated, 190 mm for strong or thick top coats with undercoat (Aire- dale, Fox, Scottish, Welsh), suitable for all terriers and Schnauzers, for top hair, jacket with rump VH333R McClellan pattern, finely serrated, 145 mm for neutered dogs (neutered coat), for thick under- coats, for cockers and setters with thick undercoats and/or fine hair, for double coated dogs to remove loose hairs on German Shepherds, Labradors ... VH334R McClellan pattern, coarsely serrated, 145 mm trimming on wiry-haired dogs, which have few or no waves or whirls with normal or little undercoat (e.g. wire-haired dachshunds, border terriers, Parson Jack Russells ...) • long-lasting blade made from stainless steel • textured grip for easy handling • grip made from synthetic, easy-clean material Grooming equipment