3 CONTENTS SMALL ANIMAL EQUIPMENT Favorita system Favorita II. 6 Favorita SPEED. 7 Favorita CL and Hybrid . 8 Favorita clipping heads. 9 Favorita accessories. 11 SnapOn system Durati. 13 FAV5 CL and Hybrid. 14 FAV5. 15 SnapOn clipping heads . 16 SnapOn accessories. 17 TRIMMERS Akkurata. 19 Exacta. 20 Base Cut. 21 GROOMING EQUIPMENT Blades. 22 Trimming blades. 23 LARGE ANIMAL EQUIPMENT Horse shearing equipment Bonum for horses. 25 Econom CL Equipe. 26 Econom Equipe. 27 Cattle shearing equipment Bonum for cattle. 29 Econom CL and Fitter . 30 Econom II for cattle. 31 Econom shearing blades. 32 Accessories for large animal equipment. 33 Sheep shearing equipment Econom CL for sheep. 35 Econom II for sheep. 36 Accessories for sheep shearing equipment . 37 VETERINARY EQUIPMENT Libra . 39 Durati. 40 Fortis. 41 Vega . 42 Isis. 43 BaseCut. 44 Clipping heads for vets. 45 HAIRDRESSING EQUIPMENT BaseCut. 46 Durati. 47 Electra II. 48 Ehmann turbo-line. 49 Human clipper heads. 50 ACCESSORIES. 51 These symbols explain our pack units! The first figure (1) shows you the unit of sale (number or sale-promo- ting package). It is the price basis. The following figures (4 / 16) show you other possible packaging units. Number in the SB pack Number in the bag Sales promotion packaging! The number quoted is the number contained in the pack. Here the price refers to the packaging units. Minimum purchase quantity! This figure (3) shows you the smallest packaging unit. This is the minimum order quantity for retail. The number indicated here tells you the total number of pieces per pallet. All prices provided are the manufacturer‘s recommended retail prices and are inclusive of VAT. The price quoted in the catalogue applies to one unit or one sales-promoting pack. All items marked with this icon must be shipped by freight carrier due to the nature of their scale/size or weight. This creates separate freight costs! Optimise freight costs by ordering entire pallet units! We are also offering complete 360° views of selected products in addition to our high-resolution professional product photos. You can recognise these from this symbol. MQ € 6 25 200 3 1 / 4 / 16 4,49