Aesculap Clippers 2020/21

1 S C H E RMA S C H I N E N AESCULAP ® 18 19 20 4 4 5 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 22 23 24 16 17 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 Contents Small Animal Equipment Favorita system Scissors Stripping Knife Fur Combs Favorita II Favorita SPEED Favorita CL Favorita Clipper Heads Favorita Accessories Large Animal Equipment SnapOn system Horse Shearing Equipment Durati FAV5 CL FAV5 SnapOn Clipper Heads SnapOn Accessories Bonum for Horses Econom CL Econom II for Horses Trimmers Cattle Shearing Equipment Akkurata Exacta Bonum for Cattle Econom CL and Fitter Econom II for Cattle Econom Clipper Blades Accessories for Large Animal Equipment Grooming Equipment Sheep Shearing Equipment Econom CL for Sheep Econom II for Sheep Accessories for Sheep Shearing Equipment Veterinary Equipment Favorita II Libra Durati Fortis Clipper Heads for Vets Vega Isis Hairdressing Equipment Durati Electra II Ehmann turbo-line Human Clipper Heads Accessories Explanation of our packaging and sales units. Items/pack unit No. of items per order unit/ pack unit OU Order unit for retail Always order a multiple of the number stated (e.g. OU = 12 items, order in lots of 12). Price/ Price per OU If the OU column is empty or missing, the price is per item. All prices provided are the manufacturer‘s recommended retail prices and are inclusive of VAT. Pack units Possible pack units for 1 OU. Forwarder All items marked with this icon must be shipped by freight carrier due to their scale/size or weight. This means that additional, separate freight costs are required! Optimise freight costs by ordering entire pallet units. OU Items/pack unit 12 items Pouch of 12 Price per item 1 pack Pack of 30 Price per pack Pallet No. of order units (OU) per pallet. 1/10/100 12 Better product presentation with videos, 360° photo player and downloads Product videos You can now find out even more about our products in appealing, informative and attractive product videos. All features and functions are shown live in action. We also present areas of use that some people may previously have been unaware of. Explanatory and installation videos facilitate operation and clarify features. In this way, we are trying to answer questions on products in advance and also provide you with real added value. 360° photo player We are also offering complete 360° views of selected products in addition to our high-resolution professional product photos. This gives you the option of viewing the product in advance from all sides and in extreme close-up, in high resolution and in sharp focus. Although you still cannot touch it, you can get a much better, more realistic feel for the product. Product images While we can only show you basic illustrations of a product in our catalogue, we can also provide you with digital copies of further photos showing detailed views and usage, for example.