Aesculap Clippers & Accessories 2022

10 ​ ​ Aesculap Cutter head with DLC coating Favorita The Aesculap „Diamond-like Carbon“ (DLC) coating ideally combines the property profiles of diamond- and Teflon-based surface enhancement. This special coating guarantees outstanding product properties: • high wear protection and longer service life • excellent gliding thanks to minimised frictional resistance • extended edge retention • increased corrosion protection • reduced care requirement thanks to dirt-repellent surface The advantages of the Favorita system naturally also apply to these cutter heads with DLC coating. ​ Ref. no. Shearing height Shear width ​ € ​ GH700D 0,05 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ NEW GH703D 0,1 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ NEW GT754D 3 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ ​ GT758D 5 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ ​ GT770D 7 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ ​ GT779D 9 mm 40 mm 1/10/100 ​ ​ Favorita System Care steps for Favorita Clipper Heads The tooth spaces must also be given a thorough cleaning. When using a disinfectant, the cutting head should be dried thoroughly to prevent corrosion. The clipper heads must be oiled after cleaning. You should oil every 5-10 minutes during operation. This is done by adding 3 drops of the special clipper oil on the teeth and 2 drops between the teeth. After oiling, let the machine run for a few minutes so that the oil can distribute itself well and thus not be transferred to the hair of the animal. With proper maintenance and care, you can increase the durability of the clipping heads by up to 20 %. This can also delay when re-sharpening is required. The shearing blades must be oiled with the clipper head attached before each use! An oil spray with a small tube attachment is also well suited for oiling between the shearing blades. This creates more pressure and the oil is better distributed between the blades. Disassembly Oiling Drying Cleaning Made in Germany GT754D GT758D GT770D GT779D GH700D GH703D