Aesculap Clippers & Accessories 2022

26 Aesculap Cordless Clipper Bonum The cordless clippers from Aesculap, fitted with lithium-ion batteries and a sleek and ergonomic design. The Bonum is also a perfect fit for women’s hands and boasts low weight, low noise and long battery life. The Bonum is also fitted with an intelligent lithium-ion battery system. On the one hand, the battery technology protects the device from overheating and switches it off until it has cooled when the battery temperature reaches >50°C. On the other hand, the charger provides information on the battery status with two LED displays. • just 40 mm diameter or 12.5 cm circumference in the grip area • very short and handy at 295 mm in length • very well balanced • Powerful and long-lasting • electronic push button recessed in the housing means no more accidental switching the machine on or off when handling Horse Clipping Equipment