Aesculap Clippers & Accessories 2022

3 Favorita system Unique clipper head system • Adjust the plate pressure via the knurled screw depending on the type of fleece • excellent clipping results for every kind of fleece, even with very fine hair • restoration of the cutting performance by raising the plate pressure when clipping quality diminishes, providing a longer service life for the clipper heads • the even curvature of the blade springs ensures optimised pressure distribution over the upper plate and therefore even cutting Machine • housing made from unbreakable specialist plastic • wear-resistant metal rocker arm • well-matched ventilation system protects against overheating • long service life • cordless machines with lithium-ion batteries What is so special about the cutter heads? • high-quality workmanship • high stability • high elasticity thanks to milling and profile grinding • high-end surface finishing What is so special about the machines? • production using state-of-the-art, computer-assisted machines • high production standards and quality control • production in Germany • cord-connected machines with proprietary motors • cordless machines with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries