Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2019

328 Pig Breeding SunnyBoy Radiant heater for piglet rearing ​ ref. no. description ​ ​ € 22258 Radiant Heater SunnyBoy 100 W 1 105 ​ 22259 Radiant Heater SunnyBoy 150 W 1 105 ​ 22260 Power switch for SunnyBoy 1/50 - ​ The flat construction of our Radiant Heater SunnyBoy means that the comfort zone and therefore the „usable“ nest area is significantly enlarged. The young animals therefore do not need to squabble over the popular spots under the heat lamp. The optional power switch allows the device‘s power to be adjusted to the piglets‘ need for heat depending on their age (100 % / 50 % / off). The radiant heater can be mounted depending on the situation: under the pen cover or integrated into the pen cover The Radiant Heaters SunnyBoy can also be easily cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner. Conventional radiant heaters generate only a relatively small cone of heat, in the middle of which the maximum temperatures can reach from 40 to up to 60 °C. For young animals, however, this is too hot and the centre of the pen is often deserted. This wastes valuable energy and generates unnecessary costs. • large comfort zone and therefore the ideal nest environment for the entire litter • less competition among the young animals • better and more balanced development of new-born piglets ensures healthy livestock • efficient operation thanks to an overall shorter period of use and potential to reduce the device‘s output • the optimised nest environment allows the sty temperature to be reduced and therefore adapted to the needs of the mother sows • the radiant heater SunnyBoy must be installed in combination with a piglet pen cover (integrated or mounted underneath) This is the only way to accumulate the thermal cushion. • fast and simple cleaning possible with a high-pressure cleaner (protection type IPX7) • low maintenance costs thanks to long lifespan and no need to replace faulty infra-red lamps • housing made entirely from stainless steel • includes red light technical data ​ operating voltage: 220 – 240 V AC / ~ 50 Hz nominal power of the heating element: 100 W (Art. No. 22258) ​ 150 W (Art. No. 22259) dimensions: 50 x 22 x 7 cm cable length: 2,5 m protection class: IPX7 30,4 °C 33,9 °C 30,1 °C 28,2 °C 32,1 °C 58,8 °C 32,1 °C 28,0 °C