Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2022

3 Website content Discover our range of online services. Just as we are constantly striving to improve our existing products and develop new ones, we are mindful too of our services that accompany our product portfolio. With our free newsletter and news on our website, we pick out exclusive products and topics of seasonal interest for you and provide you with information on very special offers. We also endeavour to make your product experience more extensive and informative with videos, brochures and other information. We’d like to give you a closer look at a few of our highlights here. Better product presentation with videos, 360° photo player and downloads Product videos You can now find out even more about our products in appealing, informative and attractive product videos. All features and functions are shown live in action. We also present areas of use that some people may previously have been unaware of. Explanatory and installation videos facilitate operation and clarify features. In this way, we are trying to answer questions on products in advance and also provide you with real added value. 360° photo player We are also offering complete 360° views of selected products in addition to our high-resolution professional product photos. This gives you the option of viewing the product in advance from all sides and in extreme close-up, in high resolution and in sharp focus. Although you still cannot touch it, you can get a much better, more realistic feel for the product. Product images While we can only show you basic illustrations of a product in our catalogue, we can also provide you with digital copies of further photos showing detailed views and usage, for example. Downloads You will find downloads beneath the product description. Here, you will find further information such as user guides. Kerbl goes Social Media You too can find us on social media, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This way, you won’t miss out on Kerbl’s latest news about our company, products and activities. You can find an overview of all social media channels at: Browsing catalogue and service pages If you don‘t have one of our catalogues to hand, or simply want to browse through our collection with the ‘true’ catalogue feeling, then our online browsing catalogue is exactly what you need. The services pages on our website also contain generally useful forms such as repair requests, pick-up requests for dry batteries and return slips. 3D showroom We would be happy to talk to our customers in person and show them our products. Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible. With our digital showroom, we would like to offer you the opportunity to make your own comprehensive impression of the product range. In our 3D showroom, you can immerse yourself in the worlds of Kerbl products. Albert Kerbl GmbH