Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

1 Table of contents Explanation of our packaging and sales units. Items/pack unit No. of items per order unit/ pack unit OU Order unit for retail Always order a multiple of the number stated (e.g. OU = 12 items, order in lots of 12). Price/€ Price per OU If the OU column is empty or missing, the price is per item. All prices provided are the manufacturer‘s recommended retail prices and are inclusive of VAT. Pack units Possible pack units for 1 OU. Forwarder All items marked with this icon must be shipped by freight carrier due to their scale/size or weight. This means that additional, separate freight costs are required! Optimise freight costs by ordering entire pallet units. Pallet No. of order units (OU) per pallet. 1/10/100 12 MOQ Pieces / unit € 1 blister pack Pack of 6 Price per pack 1 pouch Pouch of 10 Price per pouch 12 items Pouch of 12 Price per item 1 pack Pack of 30 Price per pack 40 items Pack of 40 Price per item 1 box Box of 5 Price per box 8 items Box of 8 Price per item 1 display Display of 10 Price per display 6 items Display of 6 Price per item Warranty The warranty information in this catalogue is based on the general warranty conditions of Albert Kerbl GmbH. The current version of the general warranty conditions can be found at: https:// These can also be sent electronically or by post on request. Calf rearing Camera Surveillance Calving Supplies Dietary supplement Dairy Farming Udder Care and Milking Hygiene Milk Filters Milking Accessories Cattle Breeding and Cattle Farming Dehorning Weaning Supplies Bandages and Bindings Hoof and Claw Care Grooming Marking Troughs and Hay Racks Drinking Bowls and Frost Protection Stable and yard essentials Scales and Measuring Devices Shovels and Forks Moisture Meter Stable and Yard Lighting Lashing and Lifting Pest Control Electric Insect Control Chemical Insect Control Rat and Mouse Control Snail and Vole Control Pig Breeding and Farming Piglet Rearing and Veterinary Obstetrics Castration and Docking Dental care Occupation and Control Water Bowls Piglet Bowls and Automatic Feeders Artificial Insemination Marking and Tattooing Veterinary Equipment Metering and Self-Filling Syringes Drencher Ear Marking Sheep Breeding and Farming Lamb Rearing Health and Hygiene Hoof Care Bandages and Bindings Clippers Troughs and Racks Large Hutches and Panels Sheep Netting Poultry Farming Egg Incubators Drinkers and Troughs Breeding Accessories Poultry Houses and Netting Rabbit Keeping Pens and Enclosures Drinkers and Feeders Protective Equipment Protective Clothing Boots Gloves Warranty details for merchandise are based on the respective warranty conditions of the manufacturer. These can be obtained from the respective manufacturers. 04 - 63 327 - 367 419 - 456 64 - 100 368 - 400 457 - 501 101 - 248 401 - 415 502 - 519 249 - 326 416 - 418 520 - 583