Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

101 Dehorning Battery-operated Horn Remover buddex Proven Buddex technology in a new, ergonomic design! • humane dehorning: The unique focal ring reliably prevents horn growth in animal-friendly way • Temperature at the burner tip: The high temperature of 700 °C at the burner ring means that de-horning is carried out on the calf within a couple of seconds • the heat-up phase only begins once pressed against the horn bud. There is no shaft that is fully heated, and so no burn risk for the user • the Buddex heats up to 700°C in just 7 seconds! • battery operation means maximum freedom of movement during de-horning - no cable clutter • single-handed operation means that the calf can be kept still with the other hand • with 230/12 Volt power pack • Battery built-in • includes operating instructions Up to 40 calves with a single charge! ​ ​ Technical data 1790 max. heat-up time approx. 4 sec max. burning tip temperature approx. 700 °C Weight 800 g incl. battery Ref. no. Colour Length Ø burning tip Plug type ​ € 1790 green 19,5 cm 18 mm Plug-in Power Supply with Euro Flat Plug 1/10 ​ Made in Germany Hot Air Dehorner AirBuddex The innovative new product from Kerbl. Unlike conventional dehorners, the horn systems are extensively destroyed with hot air. The superficial application is easy to carry out and especially gentle on the calf. • Top dehorning results due to extensive destruction and a short application time of 2 x 10 seconds per horn • non-invasive application, particularly gentle • very short heat-up time (approx. 60 seconds), ready for immediate use • functional and ergonomic design with ideal weight distribution • dependable, automatic Piezo ignition • Material: stainless steel • Gas included! • 2-year warranty ​ ​ Included in delivery: 1 x Air Buddex, 2 x gas canisters (1756), Tools, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x carrying case Technical data 1766 max. hot air temperature approx. 450 °C Duration of work 120 min Weight 675 g Ref. no. Colour Length Ø burning tip ​ € 1766 red 31 cm 22 mm 1/6 ​ Ref. no. Description Contents ​ € 1756 Gas Cartridge 110 ml 1/12/72 ​ Top Seller 1756