Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

161 Grooming Top-quality cattle brushes Cows have a need to rub and scratch themselves. This is how they clean themselves and rid themselves of parasites, lichens and mites. Brushing stimulates and encourages blood circulation. The use of a cow cleaning machine or cattle brush considerably helps to improve the cow‘s health and welfare and is therefore essential for a high milk yield. The animals are calmer and their well-being is increased. Find the right brush for where you will use and mount it. Our electric cattle brushes are easy to mount and have the ideal brush density for the best brushing and massage experience for the animals. All frame parts are zinc-plated and have been tested in pens under the toughest conditions. In addition, the electric brushes have intelligent control and a display. Thanks to the torque-dependant safety shutdown, the brush stops when it encounters too much resistance such as tail hairs getting tangled in it. The extensive user guide included with every machine contains all the key information on how to put together, maintain and troubleshoot the equipment. Electric cattle brushes are virtually maintenance-free. The lubrication of pressure points and the prompt replacement of brush rollers extend service life and attractiveness to animals.