Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

170 easy mounting with screws or nails Scratch and Cleaning Mat KratzPad the flexible mat for natural coat care - without any tools Simple, flexible and safe: the scratch and cleaning mat for horses and other animals with the skin-protecting structure. Thanks to its flexible design, can be easily installed on flat surfaces, over corners or on trees or posts. • the mat‘s special structure prevents wounds and scratches to the animal, even with constant rubbing • easy to install in stables, on fences, on tree trunks, on posts, on walls, etc. • protects your infrastructure: nibbled box doors, damaged fence posts or nibbled tree bark can be easily avoided with the mat • made from durable polyethylene ​ ​ Can also be used as a cleaning mat: • its resistance to chemicals means that the mat can also be used in boot disinfection baths for combined cleaning and disinfection Ref. no. Colour Length Width ​ ​ € 3282838 green 40 cm 60 cm 1/10 400 ​ 3282839 green 55 cm 90 cm 1/10 120 ​ Made in the EU Grooming Scratch Mat • made from natural rubber material • mobile and soft nubs provide optimum coat care without risk of skin irritation • rectangular shape with many mounting holes for stable mounting • multi-functional applications such as flat on the wall or around pillars, posts or corners ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Length Width ​ € 32678 black 40 cm 30 cm 1/12 ​ 32689 black 60 cm 40 cm 1/6 ​ 32678 32689