Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

28 Milk warmer MilkPot 50 Specialist literature and studies indicate that the feeding of young calves has a marked effect on animal health, development and therefore the later performance of the animal. To achieve positive results, an in-depth knowledge on the part of the farmer and technical equipment are usually required. Our milk warmer provides the ideal support for calf rearing, especially for medium-sized operations. It closes the gap between immersion heaters and mobile milk tanks with elaborate equipment. Quickly and without much effort, up to 50 litres of milk or milk substitute mixture can be heated up. The milk is heated using a water bath gently and without causing it to scorch. The milk warmer is also ideal for pasteurising milk. • completely food-safe Stirrer optionally available Legs sold separately ​ ​ Technical data 141450 Capacity 50 L Voltage 230 V AC Mains frequency 50 Hz Temperature control range up to 0 - 100 °C Weight 32 kg Protection class IP54 Ref. no. Heating output Height Ø Plug type ​ ​ € 141450 2.500 W 63 cm 45,5 cm Safety Plug E + F 1 6 ​ Ref. no. Description Colour Material Ø Weight ​ € 141461 Cover with stirrer blue stainless steel 44,5 cm 14,5 kg 1 ​ 141462 Supporting feet ​ stainless steel ​ 5,1 kg 1 ​ Milk heater for calf feeding Item no. 141461 Cover with stirrer Item no. 141450 MilkPot 50 Item no. 141462 Supporting feet • easy cleaning thanks to the lid which can be fully opened • with volume scale inside the tank • water bath: separate inlet and outlet, viewing window to check fill levels • stepless thermostat • pasteurisation possible • 1“ outlet with slider valve from the food industry • with rod thermometer (food-safe) • incl. lid Optionally-available stirrer - The powerful optional stirrer ensures clumpfree stirring of milk substitute. By briefly switching the mixer on while fresh milk is heating, the heating time can be shortened. The cover with integrated mixer can easily be placed on the MilkPot 50 (Art. 141450) and screwed into position. • 1,000 rpm • 370 W • ready to connect