Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

44 Calf box Modular Calf Box The new modular calf boxes from Kerbl give you maximum flexibility and efficiency of labour. The boxes can be stacked free-standing or attached to a wall. The panels are quickly and easily set up by a single person, and can be combined into one or more boxes. You can start with individual pens, and easily create small groups by removing the side walls between adjacent boxes. Dismantling and cleaning are just as quick as they are easy. The handles on the panels are large enough to fit onto pallet forks. The panel surfaces are easy to clean. The new unique stacking system allows space-saving sorting and storage of the panels, including the door element. • new unique stacking system • one box offers approx. 1.8 m2 of space (1.60 x 1.15 m) • up to three boxes can be combined to create a group bay • robust plastic with stiffening ribs • easy-to-clean walls with smooth surface • social contact opening in the area of the side walls allows the calf contact with other calves • front element with swivel-mounted revolving door and fixed drinking area, perfect for teaching calves to suckle • includes a watering bucket mounting bracket and two foldable bucket brackets • carrying handle for manual transport • Can be transported with pallet forks • single-handed unlocking ​ Example for mounting Ref. no. Description Material ​ € ​ 14626 Single Bay, Free Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ 14627 Single Bay, Wall-Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ 14628 Twin Bay, Free Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ 14629 Twin Bay, Wall-Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ 14630 Single-Bay Extension, Free Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ 14631 Single-Bay Extension, Wall-Standing galvanised metal / Plastic 1 ​ ​ Local animal protection regulations must be observed! Please note separate freight costs. available from: February 2023 Suitable in accordance with animal welfare regulations: Our calf houses and boxes comply with animal welfare regulations and have the optimum design for the requirements of calf rearing. Find out more online at New product