Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

57 Bolus Fertilgol Beta Carotene Bolus (fertility) • A quick pregnancy shortens the calving interval and improves economic success. • for male and female breeding animals just before and during the covering or insemination period • supports a successful embryo transfer (recipient and donor animals) • the high beta carotene content aids the corpus luteum formation, colostrum quality, the oestrus cycle and sperm quality • a well-developed corpus luteum has a positive influence on the embryonic survival rate • easy and safe application through the even release of beta carotene, vitamins and trace elements over a period of min. 20 days • the release rate has been scientifically confirmed Dietary mineral feed (for cattle with fully developed rumen) to support preparation for oestrus and reproduction. High content of vitamin A ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 15983 95 g 1 pack 8 / pack 1/8 ​ Bolus Bufferlyt Buffer and Electrolyte Bolus For digestive problems, low appetite and reluctance to drink • Sodium bicarbonate is a very effective buffer. The use of buffers helps to resist excess acidity. Excess acidity is often the reason why calves are weak and dull and have no desire to drink • Lost electrolytes are effectively replaced. This stabilises water levels during e.g. transport and heat • stress-free and safe administration. Administration can also be done without an applicator. Simply place the bolus lengthways on the base of the tongue using your hand. The calf will swallow the bolus with no problems • applicator not included Mineral feed (for calves) for additional supply of buffers and electrolytes. ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 15984 13 g 1 pack 15 / pack 1/12 ​ Ref. no. Description ​ € 15985 Applicator for Bolus Bufferlyt 1/24 ​ 15985 Dietary supplement Quality for feed Feeding recommendation: • Female cows: Administer the first bolus 30 days before insemination. Administer the second bolus shortly before or after insemination • Stud bulls: Administer one bolus every 20 – 30 days during breeding season. The bolus dissolves in 20 days in the rumen Feeding recommendation: • Immediately administer one bolus as per the instructions at the first signs of digestive problems.. Then administer one bolus after each liquid meal for 2 – 3 days. Bolus Ket-o-Vital® Energy Bolus (Ketosis) • Healthy cows become pregnant quicker and provide more milk. • Bolus that works on various physiological levels – liver - rumen - immune system • the glucoplastic substances support the energy metabolism. The risk of ketosis / acetonaemia decreases • very high milk yield, birth problems, stress, heat and obesity at the time of birth are classical risk factors for ketosis • safe dosage and application. The animals have more appetite, are fitter and recover faster Dietary supplementary feed for milk cows to lower the risk of milk ketosis. Glucose-supplying raw materials. ​ ​ Ref. no. Single weight MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 15982 135 g 1 pack 4 / pack 1/8 ​ Quality for feed Feeding recommendation: • Administer two boluses shortly after calving using a bolus applicator as per the instructions. If required, administer another bolus 12 hours after calving. Quality for feed