Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2023

88 Milking Hygiene Udder Hair Remover PREVENTA • the Preventa removes udder hair quickly and painlessly using a “cold” flame (about 200 ° C) • the bent torch allows ergonomic working in an upright position • the well thought-out design of the device with its standby-lever guarantees a quick and safe use. • eliminates pathogens like bacteria and viruses completely • Mastitis and Johne’s disease can be prevented • shortens preparation time before milking • hairless udders are easier to clean • improves the general udder hygiene 15676: Gas cartridge not included • the contents are enough for approx. 2-3 operating hours (depending on consumption) • the supplied belt clip makes using the gas cartridge easy and time-saving ​ ​ 15676 Gas Cartridge Connector Ref. no. Description Lance length Hose length ​ € 15675 with gas bottle connection and pressure reducer 100 cm 300 cm 1/40 ​ 15676 with gas cylinder connection 100 cm 150 cm 1/50 ​ Ref. no. Description suitable for Contents ​ € 15687 Pressure Reducer for Gas Bottle Connection ​ ​ 1/20 ​ 15683 Gas Cartridge Propane/butane 15676 600 ml 1/12 ​ Cow Tail Trimmer TailWell The original product from Shoof in New Zealand for shearing the cow‘s tail hair for more hygiene in the cattle and dairy barn! A unique problem solver without the need for maintenance, as it is very robust and self-lubricating! • makes the arduous work involved with cutting hair on the tails of dairy cows easier • twice annual removal of cow tail hair that is contaminated with faeces and urine allows for optimal hygiene of livestock, milk and milker. • pre-cutting the hair is not necessary even in the case of heavy soiling or crusting. • works quietly and creates a smooth haircut in a maximum of 4 seconds per tail • Principle: It works on the principle of an outer blade rotating around an inner one, therefore there is no risk of injury to the animal or the operator • with a powerful battery, up to 200 tail shears with just one charge • the supplied grinding paste, which was developed in-house, allows for easy and simple grinding of the blades even by inexperienced users (necessary after 1000 to 2000 shears) • fits virtually all battery-powered screwdrivers operating at min. 14 Volt, 1,250 rpm (battery screwdriver not included) • supplied in a handy plastic case for safe storage • includes operating instructions Art. 18235 TailWell Titanium: • extremely durable due to the titanium-nitride coating of the blades • especially suitable for large herds or animals bedded on sand • for up to 3000 cow tails soiled with sand or up to 6000 lightly soiled cow tails ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Description ​ € 18250 Standard 1/10 ​ 18235 Titanium 1/10 ​ Ref. no. Description Contents ​ € 18251 Blade for TailWell Standard ​ 1 ​ 18236 Blade for TailWell Titanium ​ 1/25 ​ 1850488 Clipper Oil 100 ml 1/50/200 ​ 18252 grinding paste for TailWell ​ 1 ​ 18250 18235 15675 15676 15687 18251 18236