Agricultural Supplies 2022

32 Cordless clippers for sheep Econom NOVA CL With newly designed shearing head, to accommodate the specially designed shorter shearing blade GT598 as well as most shearing blades from other manufacturers. The new all-round talent for sheep and special cattle shearing with all the advantages from the Aesculap clipper forge! • The electronic control perfectly controls the power output depending on the resistance at the drive, thus ensuring a long service life and optimum shearing results. • Using a brushless direct current motor (EC motor) results in less heat development, a longer battery service life and thus a longer overall service life for the clipper. • huge pulling power, like a cable-operated sheep clipper • electronic push button recessed in the housing means no more accidental switching the machine on or off when handling • very well balanced, powerful and long-lasting • latest-generation lithium technology guarantees long operating times despite high performance ​ ​ ​ Included in delivery: 1 x cordless clippers Econom NOVA CL, 1 x charging station, depending on the model: 1 or 2 x Li-ion batteries, 1 x upper blade (GT578), 1 x lower blade 3.5 mm (GT598), 1 x Aesculap oil (GT604), 1 x instruction manual, 1 x handy and solid plastic case Technical data ​ Clipper head system Shearing Blade Set Drive brushless EC motor Drive Spur gear Stroke rate approx. 3.500 strokes/min Battery technology Li-Ion Battery capacity 3.500 mAh Battery run time 70 min Battery charge time 80 min Sound pressure level 72 dB Weight 1.470 g incl. battery and clipping head Ref. no. Description Colour ​ € GT684 incl. battery blue 1/6 ​ Ref. no. Description Lower blade teeth Upper blade teeth Shearing height ​ € GT669 Sheep Cutter Head Econom NOVA ​ ​ ​ 1/12 ​ GT578 Shearing Blade for Sheep Econom Obermesser, BB-4,5 mm ​ 4 ​ 1/10/100 ​ GT598 Shearing Blade for Sheep Econom Untermesser NOVA 13 ​ 3,5 mm 1/10/100 ​ Made in Germany