Agricultural Supplies 2023

16 SnailStop Electric Slug Fence The innovative solution for protecting your vegetables from slugs safely and without poison The electric slug fence protects your vegetables from slugs safely and without poison. Compared to other control methods, the electric slug fence is harmless to humans and animals! The operating principle: The live fence tape forms an insurmountable barrier for all kinds of slugs in the home garden. The fence tape has two parallel, electrically conductive contact strips. If the slug makes a connection between the two contact strips when trying to cross the fence strip, a small current flows for a short time. Due to the low fence voltage of 9 Volts (block battery), the slugs do not suffer any damage, but only feel an unpleasant tingling sensation and are immediately induced to turn around. For other animals and also for humans, the effect is not noticeable and completely harmless. The self-adhesive fence tape can be easily and permanently attached to almost all types of surfaces (wood, metal, plastic, stone, concrete) and can be shortened if necessary. The fence tape can easily be extended with an optional 10 m fence tape (291128) or 20 m fence tape (291129), as well as the fence tape connectors (291127). No prior knowledge is required to connect the fence tapes to the power unit. The fence tape can be connected and supplied with power with the help of the contact clip, which is connected to the power unit. Two control LEDs enable safe monitoring of the battery status and the power supply. By means of bed connectors (accessory: 291126), multiple beds can also be operated with a single power unit. This means the fence can be extended to a maximum length of 30 m. • reliable • environmentally friendly • without poison • non-fatal • harmless to humans and animals • Easy installation • easy maintenance thanks to control LEDs • can be extended reliable and without poison! ​ Set consisting of: 1 x power unit with connected contact clip and retaining plate (291125), 1 x 10 m fence tape (291128), 1 x 9 Volt battery, 1 x operating instructions Technical data: ​ Operating voltage: 9 V Battery runtime: approx. 6 months Ref. no. € 291130 ​ Ref. no. Description Length MOQ Pieces / unit € 291125 Power unit with connected contact clip and retaining plate ​ ​ ​ ​ 291126 Bed Connector ​ ​ ​ ​ 291127 Fence Tape Connector ​ 1 pack 2 / pack ​ 291128 Fence Tape 10 m ​ ​ ​ 291129 Fence Tape 20 m ​ ​ ​ Made in Germany 291126 Bed Connector: • bed connectors allow multiple beds to be operated with a single power unit • this means the fence can be extended to a maximum length of 30 m 291127 fence tape connector: • for extending and repairing fence tapes 291128, 291129 fence tapes: • allows fence extensions or repairs • fence tape connector (Art. 291127) not included