Agricultural Supplies 2023

21 cit Rat Killer Wina Powerful Rat Killer for Large Rodents in Agricultural Sector • solid two-part trap body made from PEFC™-certified beechwood • frame and two-sided spring made of galvanised spring steel wire for maximum, sustained impact force when used outdoors multiple times • tension arm and bait hook made from galvanised steel wire to ensure weather resistance • wire hook for fixing the bait • prevents painful mis-trapping of the limbs and rear part of rodents by the lever release mechanism • for use mainly out of doors Bait information: smoked fish, cheese, meat, etc. Beware - very high impact force - risk of injury! ​ Ref. no. Length Width Height ​ ​ € 299450 15,5 cm 9,3 cm 17,5 cm 1/20 640 ​ Made in Germany cit Live Trap DeLuxe Weather-Resistant Metal Trap for Catching Rats and Larger Rodents Alive • base plate made of galvanised sheet steel for high stability of the impact shield and for weather resistance outdoors • metal floor plate to prevent odour build-up from rodent secretions when used multiple times • trap body and lockable back wall made from stable, galvanised wire mesh with corrosion protection for outdoor use • bait hook, locking mechanism, and handle made of galvanised iron wire • optimised sheet-metal rocker trigger mechanism for protective live trapping of rats and larger rodents such as dormice or weasels • Minimum risk of injury – rocker triggering mechanism with no tensioning spring! Bait information: bacon, sausage, cheese, etc. ​ ​ Ref. no. Length Width Height ​ ​ € 299451 40 cm 12 cm 13 cm 1/6 192 ​ Made in Germany