Agricultural Supplies 2023

4 Calf Box Premium with Swivel Floor Thanks to the swivel floor, the Calf Box Premium can be quickly mucked out and conveniently cleaned. Lowering the front loader automatically locks the folding floor. The two-part door is ideal for teaching calves to use the feeding pail. The farmer can leave the box without disturbing the calf as it drinks. The calf box ensures that the calf enjoys plenty of fresh air, but is not exposed to any draughts. It is also protected from harmful pathogenic bacteria. The animal does not lie directly on the floor in the calf box, but rather on the raised grille. This keeps the calf warmer and dryer. • stable,hot dip-galvanised metal frame • GRP base grille (two-part) offering excellent grip and anti-slip properties • easy-to-clean side walls made from PVC panels with smooth surface • social contact opening in the area of the side walls allows the calf contact with other calves • two-part, revolving door which opens in both directions • includes a watering bucket mounting bracket and two foldable bucket brackets • the folding handles on the front make moving the box exceptionally easy • transport device optionally available • Can be transported with pallet forks • Bucket not included • Comes disassembled ​ Local animal protection regulations must be observed! Please note separate freight costs. Technical data ​ External hut dimensions 173,5 cm x 112 cm x 143 cm House inner dimensions 163 x 103 x 118,5 cm Weight 143 kg Ref. no. Description ​ € 14616 Calf Box Premium with Swivel Floor 1 ​ Suitable in accordance with animal welfare regulations: Our calf houses and boxes comply with animal welfare regulations and have the optimum design for the requirements of calf rearing. Find out more online at