Agricultural Supplies 2023

9 Hoof Shoe Tubbease™ Tubbease™ was developed in New Zealand with the aim to create a breathable treatment shoe for problem horse hooves (e.g. sole ulcers). The supplied hook and loop tapes mean Tubbease™ is easy to attach to the horse’s leg. • can escape upwards meaning no heat or humidity is trapped within the shoe • the rubber-coated base reliably prevents moisture from entering and simultaneously ensures that the treatment fluid remains on the hoof • the optimum climate within the shoe means the hoof retains its natural strength • the thick EVA insole reduces pressure pain for the horse (e.g. with sole ulcers) and extends the life of Tubbease™ • various remedies to treat abscesses, thrush, hoof injuries, hoof outbreaks etc. can be used with Tubbease™ • tubbease™ design is protected (NZ 417646) • EVA insert not included Important: only use during stall rest ​ ​ Tip: • Tubbease is extremely well suited for one-time applications for hoof problems. Depending on the duration of use, Tubbease can also be reused but this depends on the load, duration of use and wear and tear. • Ensure that horses with Tubbease have a limited range of motion (paddock or box) so that healing can progress better and the Tubbease stays on the hoof longer without being damaged. Ref. no. Colour Size Ø ​ € ​ 3226303 green S / M 13 cm 1/30 ​ NEW Ref. no. Description Colour Size ​ € ​ 3226304 EVA Insert Tubbease™ green S / M 1/2/30 ​ NEW 3226305 Hook and Loop Fastener, in pairs green ​ 1/40 ​ NEW Absorbent Cotton in Gauze Cover CottoMull fluffy cotton wool in gauze cover - ideal for large animals • even layer thickness for good cushioning effect • very high absorbency thanks to natural cotton • non-slip and tearproof, so easy to put on without wrinkling • gauze cover prevents adhesion to the wound • for hoof, joint, and wound dressings for horses and other large animals • also suitable for keeping joints and tendons warm, and for transport protection This product was specially developed to treat large animals and is only for use in veterinary medicine/hoof and claw care. ​ Ref. no. Colour Length Width ​ € 16491 white 6 m 40 cm 1/4 ​ tesa® Claw Bandage Silver PRO 74662 • excellent bond strength even on rough and dusty surfaces • waterproof • supple and flexible • can be torn by hand • made from PET fabric with natural rubber adhesive ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Length Width ​ € 16369 silver 50 m 48 mm 1/24 ​