The permanent fence guide for paddocks

3 The permanent fence P. 15-22 | Wooden Posts and Premium Horse Wire P. 23-28 l Wooden Posts and Fence Tape P. 29-36 l Wooden Posts and Fence Rope The semi-permanent fence P. 37-44 l T-Posts and Fence Tape P. 39-40 l The Fence Starter and Corner Solution Set P. 45-51 l T-Post and Fence Rope General information P. 52 l Products for Improving Safety P. 53 l The Function of an Electric Fence System P. 54 l Explanation of Technical Terms Selecting an Electric Fence Device | Troubleshooting Tips P. 55-56 l Overview of the Various Power Supplies P. 57-58 l Introduction to AKO Fence Devices P. 59 l The Fence Device Check P. 60 l The Fence Supply Line and Earthing Check P. 61-62 l Troubleshooting Tips 15-36 37-51 52-54 55-62 Contents