The permanent fence guide for paddocks

5 Why we are the right partner for you. • … AKO has over 70 years of development expertise in the field of fence devices and fence construction! • Production of all fence devices that are “made in Germany” … at the German site in Wangen im Allgäu! • 3-year warranty on all our devices • in-house research, 3D design & electronics development ... our own development team focuses exclusively on the further and new development of device technology in accordance with the latest safety standards! • 100% quality control ... every fence device is checked to ensure its function and performance! • ... our excellent service and superb quality make us a partner you can rely on! What sets us apart. AKO fence devices production location: Wangen im Allgäu AKO-Agrartechnik GmbH & Co. KG: Wangen im Allgäu Albert Kerbl GmbH: Lager Ampfing FAIR CUSTOMER-ORIENTED QUALITY-CONSCIOUS FLEXIBLE eine Marke von