The permanent fence guide for paddocks

35 Post spacing: 1.90 m 01 | Swing-through lock allows the gate to be opened in both directions. 02 | Stabiliser for easy opening and closing of the gate. 03 | Electro set for electrifying the pasture gate. Optional accessories Item no. 441025 Item no. 442559 Item no. 441224 The permanent fence | wooden post and fence rope The galvanised pasture gate … stable and durable! rigid pasture gates incl. mounting set Height: 100 cm (item no. 442920 | 3 m) (item no. 442921 | 3.5 m) (item no. 442922 | 4 m) (item no. 442923 | 4.5 m) (item no. 442924 | 5 m) (item no. 442925 | 6 m) adjustable pasture gates incl. mounting set Height: 110 cm (item no. 44893 | 1-1.7 m) (item no. 44892 | 2-3m) (item no. 44891 | 3-4 m) (item no. 44895 | 4-5 m) (item no. 442557 | 5-6 m) Item no. 44340 Item no. 446508 D A+B+ C F G AKO tip: Mount the pasture gate in such a way that the upper edge of the gate forms a line with the top line of the fence rope. Gate Rope Tension direction Gate opening/closing Gate mounting c c c c c c “Diagonal” de-tensioning set Stretch Insulator Ø 140 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 140 mm AKO tip: Set the gate tethering post well in concrete or support the post with a cross plank (see p. 21 and 23) in order to keep the post permanently vertical. Run the underground cable under the soil in a protective hose. This will prevent the cable from being damaged.