The permanent fence guide for paddocks

49 Gate Insulator The insulator selection depends on which gate system is installed. The various gate structures are shown in more detail on the following pages. Gate Post • item no. 441462: 213 cm (6 pcs./gate) • post height above ground: approx. 165 cm Information on installing the diagonal structure on p. 40/41 • drive-in depth: approx. 40-50 cm Important To install a 90 ° corner, a T-junction or a gate, you need the WEDGE-Loc system to mount the diagonal posts. • support post crossbeam: 100 mm x 200 cm (item no. 441825) The semi-permanent fence | T-Post and fence rope 01 | Ram for T-Posts … for driving in all fence posts. 02 | T-Post puller ...for pulling out the posts. 03 | Litzclip® rope connector 6 mm ... for connecting 2 rope ends. 04 | Warning sign ...for attaching at regular, clearly visible intervals. AKO tip: ALWAYS affix the conductor material on the fence inner. Item no. 446513 442004/051 Item no. 441324 Item no. 441300 Item no. 44948 E-Line 3-6m (item no. 44255/011) E-Line 4.5-9m (item no. 442551/011) Underground cable Post spacing: 1.5m Post spacing: 1.5m