The permanent fence guide for paddocks

11 + 60 cm + 180 cm + 195 cm + 165 cm + 150 cm + 135 cm + 120 cm + 105 cm + 90 cm + 75 cm + 45 cm + 30 cm + 15 cm +/- 0 cm - 15 cm - 30 cm - 45 cm 441463 441462 441461 The fence posts | T-Post The T-Post metal post The green and white painted T-Post metal posts have a distinct advantage in difficult terrain (e.g. stony ground) in particular. Their small cross-section means the posts are quick and easy to drive into the ground using a ram. They boast long life and stability and, through the special click-on insulators required, high flexibility when it comes to attaching the conductor material. There are insulators for the T-Post range that, for example, are suitable to ropes and tapes and can be easily clipped on without using tools. The posts are available in various lengths and have solid nubs every 5.5 cm along their entire length for attaching the insulators. AKO tip: We recommend using a 30 cm longer T-Post for each corner post. The corner and gate posts must be able to withstand the high tensile forces of the conductor material in a fence system. By choosing longer posts at these posts, you prevent the posts becoming lopsided. T-Post profile 15 mm 20 mm *other post lengths available Item no. Item Length* 441461 T-Post Metal Post 182 cm 441462 T-Post Metal Post 213 cm 441463 T-Post Metal Post 240 cm