AKO Fencing 2022

126 Even growth rings = even growth Close growth rings = Slow growth Raw materials OctoWood uses only slow-growing Scandinavian pine grown north of 64 degrees latitude: • Low temperatures • Not much daylight • Smaller tree crowns • Straight trunk • High rigidity • High breaking load Heartwood • Does not have to be impregnated • Contains the natural fungus inhibitor ‘pinosylvin’ • Has resin channels throughout • ‘Dead’ wood • Lends the post rigidity Sapwood • Only the sapwood part is impregnated • The membrane of the wood fibre cell is coated in a copper sulphate layer • Impregnated with Wolmanit CX in a pressure tank process With its 8 sides, the wooden post with ingenious octagonal profile of pine wood (Pinius Sylvestris) enables flexibility when fitting insulators. The most commonly used fence post is available in different lengths as well as different diameters, allowing it to be used in any fence system. Pine wood is not a hardwood and is therefore easy to work with. Octo Wood