AKO Fencing 2022

19 Symbols Short description Unit detailed description ​ Theor. Fence Length VDE (2000 V) km ​ ​ Max. Fence Length with Varying Vegetative Growth km ​ ​ Approx. Number of Electrifiable Nets Quantity ​ ​ Voltage Supply 230 V Volts ​ ​ Voltage Supply 12 V or 12 V Solar Volts ​ ​ Voltage Supply 230 V or 12 V Volts ​ ​ Voltage Supply 9 V Volts ​ ​ Voltage Supply 2 x 1.5 V Volts ​ ​ Power Consumption mA ​ Explanation of symbols Devices with power supplies (230 V) have an unlimited protection duration. These are available in all necessary power classes and are the best solution for power provision to long fences. Even in the event of heavy vegetation, sufficient energy is supplied to the fence. With fence lengths in accordance with VDE, only a theoretical value is given, which, as a result of various influences (fence flora, weather and soil conditions) cannot be reached in practice. Flora on the fence has a considerable influence on the max. fence length for an electric fence device. The more vegetation on the fence, the higher the fence charge will be, thus reducing the max. fence length. The fence length indications refer to highly conductive wire material and connectors, good isolators and an optimal earthing system! For 230 V and 12 V devices, the maximum number of 50 m lines to be used is given. 12 Volt battery chargers are the ideal solution for long fences or fences with considerable amounts of vegetation in the event that no power supply is available. The discharge energy can be compared to the power supply units. Rechargeable 12 Volt wet cells are used as a source of power. A useful addition are solar modules, which are offered in a range of power classes and transform solar energy into electricity. This type of device combines the unlimited protection duration of the 230 Volt devices with the mobility of the powerful 12 Volt devices. The 9 Volt dry battery devices are characterised by their excellent mobility, coupled with a long battery life. They are ideal for short fences with moderate vegetation if no power supply is available. 3 Volt devices are mobile and easy to handle, and are suitable for fences without vegetation, such as in gardens or horse-training paddocks. The duration of the battery life can be calculated from the energy consumption along with the capacity of the battery.