AKO Fencing 2022

198 Fence netting is always the first choice when you want to cordon off an area quickly and easily to hold animals, or even to protect your property from wild animals. Sheep and goats place especially high demands on fence netting: Sheep are robust animals and also protected by their dense wool against electrical shocks. This is why care should be taken to select a powerful fence device (12 V or 230 V) for all netting, in order to achieve the maximum tending safety. Our fence nettings are available in different versions and thus suitable for all types of ground conditions and applications. The combination of robust plastic or fibreglass posts and high-quality conductor materials ensure the highest herding safety, both for professional sheep farmers as well as small animal husbandry in the hobby segment. Colour-contrasting head insulator on the starting post makes net set-up easy Simple and fast repairs due to our Litzclip® Repair Set Stainless steel connection clip for the rapid connection of several nets! extremely stable welded knots Netting Support post for pasture netting • ideally suited as supporting start and end posts, or for stabilising corners of pasture netting • The post is simply pushed into the corners, and the net is thereby tensioned • solid post made of galvanised round steel (ø 14 mm), with foot lug • Post tapered at the bottom for easier penetration into the earth • Jacketing with robust plastic tube (ø 20 mm) prevents power leakage (if electrifiable nets are used) Utility model application registered! ​ ​ Ref. no. Description Total height post ø Length ground nail MOQ Pieces / unit ​ ​ € 27340 up to a height of 90 cm 120 cm 14 mm 25 cm 4 pieces 4 / pack 1/4 1,000 ​ 27350 from a height of 90 cm 145 cm 14 mm 25 cm 4 pieces 4 / pack 1/4 1,000 ​