AKO Fencing 2022

24 Monitoring: Fence output voltage Display of the output voltage in kV. Enables even the smallest changes to fence status to be detected. Monitoring: Earth voltage Display of earth voltage in kV. The lower the displayed value, the better the earthing of the unit. Monitoring: Energy consumption Continuous display of energy consumption in %. The lower the reading, the less energy the device is consuming. Bi-colour LEDs support the corresponding LCD display value. Flashing green = the displayed value is OK Flashing red = the value does not meet minimum requirements. Fix the defect. Fitted with two fence output terminals ‘out’ Max. Min. The smart 230 Volt power supply line from AKO – extremely powerful, for very robust animals and for very long fences even with vegetation! • AKO NDi units automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest security and making your work easier by damaging vegetation growth to some degree • delayed shock strength adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals • an alarm continuously monitors the fence, triggering an alarm and slowing the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for a longer period • permanently illuminated, clearly visible digital displays Power Profi NDi