AKO Fencing 2022

52 Use the natural power of the sun! • optimised for maintenance-free continuous operation over the grazing season on fences with little vegetation • with On/Off switch • integrated battery charge regulation • micro-controller controlled • integrated lightning protection • intelligent battery management – device functions even during long periods of poor weather • excellent level of efficiency – therefore a longer battery life • very robust, weather-resistant housing • power saving switch for when battery voltage fails • 5-year performance guarantee on the solar module function control LED and battery warning indicator Battery compartment duct for post mounting Included: 1 x solar device, 1 x 12 Volt, 4 Ah AGM battery (6-month warranty) 1 x integrated 12 V, 3 W solar module, 1 x 230 Volt power pack 371032 to recharge the battery and/or to trickle charge during the winter months, 1 x connection cable for fence and earth connection, 1 x ground rod 1 x warning sign On/off switch 3-year warranty Sun Power 360°