AKO Fencing 2023

10 Sustainability from us at AKO As a tradition-conscious company which also manufactures and markets products made of plastic, we are aware of our particular responsibility for the environment – and we are continuously active in this regard in the further development of the materials of tomorrow! In this way, we protect fossil resources, and we consciously involve ourselves in a future-proofed range for your paddock fence. On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to our new, selected range of sustainable articles. We distinguish between the following two approaches in the selection of materials, each of which can be identified by a corresponding pictogram on the articles: Plastic made from renewable raw materials The product is manufactured from recycled materials. The product is made from sustainable, renewable raw materials. New products recycled plastic Plastic waste • environmentally friendly as fossil resource use is reduced • low production waste, since this is recycled • environmentally friendly as fossil resource use is reduced Sugar cane Granules Granules • sugar cane traps CO2 from the air as it grows -> 1 ton of material traps up to 3.09 tons of CO2