AKO Fencing 2023

124 TopLine Horse Wire Our proven electrifiable horse fencing system is now also available in a reduced diameter version. In the consistent ongoing development of our Premium Horse Wire, we focussed on the ease of applying the fence system while retaining the high quality materials and workmanship. • low resistance of 0.055 ohms/m, meaning very high conductivity through 2 mm galvanised iron wire • the reduced diameter of case and wire makes the product softer and more flexible, thus easier to work with • extremely weather-resistant and durable • no physical hazard for horses due to round and smooth surface Tip: Use our ‘Wire LINK’ (442367) for connection ​ ​ Ref. no. Length Ø max. recommended fence length Resistance Break load ​ ​ € 442390 200 m 6 mm 36 km 0.055 Ω/m 400 kg 1 25 ​ 5-year warranty Polyethylene polymer The area between the conductive material is surrounded by a sheath of white UV-stabilised polyethylene. electrically conductive plastic The iron wire is enclosed by a layer of electrically conductive carbon fibre plastic mix that reaches up to the surface through three lines. Iron Wire inside there is a galvanised iron wire of 2 mm thickness the innovation in fixed fencing – ideal for horse pastures Permanent Fencing Accessories