AKO Fencing 2023

134 Recycled Posts • Outstandingly suitable for soft, moist, or deep soils • Extremely durable • Optimum handling options (screwing, nailing, sawing, drilling) • Fully insulated • Ground water-neutral and rot-proof • Sharpened at one end • Ideal as a track post Made in Germany 10-year guarantee Sustainable recycling and the circular economy are omnipresent nowadays and more important than ever in light of dwindling resources. Our recycled posts are therefore made entirely from post-consumer material: the old plastic in the yellow bag is used to create high-quality and robust material which is used as a resource-sparing raw material for our posts. Since production processes must also be taken into account in a meaningfully sustainable circular economy, the entire recycling, reprocessing and production process takes place in Germany. Made in Germany stands not only for top quality but also for short and sustainable paths in the manufacturing process for this environmentally conscious product line.