AKO Fencing 2023

137 T-Post and Accessories Raw materials Our T-Post is made from prepared, hot-rolled rail steel, which is one of the strongest and most durable types of steel. Due to its extreme rigidity, this steel will only become minimally deformed even under the highest stress and is therefore the best choice for the construction of semi-permanent fence systems and fixed fences. The typical green paint also protects the stable rail steel of the T-Posts from the influences of weather. The entire post is covered in nubs spaced at intervals of 55 mm to enable the set-up of fences of various heights. This enables the easy attachment of a wide range of insulators for all conductor materials, tool-free and at any height. High-quality, easy-installation T-posts in various lengths for long-term use. The entire post is covered in nubs spaced at intervals of 5.5 cm for attaching accessories. A robust base plate gives the post a secure footing. The paint on the posts guarantees high weather resistance. We recommend using T-posts that are approx. 30 cm longer for each corner. The insulators can be fixed securely at the desired height by clipping them to the T-post. T-post profile Assembly T-posts are suitable for all types of pasture, as a supplemental fence for rotational grazing, as a semi-permanent paddock fence, and as a way to fence in an outlet. Fixed fence guide Browse the new AKO fixed fence guide online or request your free copy by e-mail at info@kerbl.com! T-Post and Accessories The T-post can be installed by just one person with the help of a specially developed pile driver (446540). Here, please bear in mind that the posts must be driven sufficient deep to ensure that the entire 18 cm-long anchor plate (drive-in depth approx. 40 cm) is sunk into the ground.