AKO Fencing 2023

160 Insulators Insulators separate the conductor material from the post and prevent unwanted discharge into the ground. There are insulators for each area of application, specially developed for each conductor material or the various types of post. For most insulators, the following applies: the larger the insulator, the better its insulating properties. For corners and junctions, extra robust insulators should be used because there are high tensile forces here that put high stress on the material. Along with their insulating properties, our insulators also make it easier to work with the various conductor materials. For example, with the right insulator, you can re-tension sagging conductor material with just a few actions or take care of partially torn tapes for re-electrification. We divide our insulators into the following types of applications: Corners Straight sections Gates Distance insulators Wood Screw • hexagon round head • for securing insulators • incl. bit insert TX25 • 4.5 x 35 mm galvanised • Thread type: with wood thread ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Length MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 442610/1001 35 mm 1 blister pack 100 / blister pack 1 ​