AKO Fencing 2023

22 AKO device series We have sorted our range based on various criteria, to help you choose the right unit: Premium • digital displays for easily reading all the important information about the unit and fence system (except solar units) • powerful units for the most exacting requirements – long fence systems and difficult conditions are no problem • intelligent adaptation to the fence status, and alarm functions ensure maximum safety for humans and animals Expert • LED displays allow easy visual monitoring of the current fence and unit status at a glance • Units with a high output for demanding fences • Good equipment means high flexibility in use Classic • Check lights for the unit or fence • Effective output, designed for standard fences • Low-cost entry-level units with solid equipment Made in Germany Digital display LED display Check light 5-year warranty 4-year warranty 3-year warranty Extended warranty against theft With the extended warranty against theft, you can insure your new AKO electric fence device for three years against theft if operated in Germany, Austria or Italy. In the event of theft, we will send you - following registration of the theft with the police - a new device of the same or equivalent type. In the case of 9-Volt battery devices, the extended warranty against theft also covers the dry battery. The premium form for concluding an insurance policy can be found in the service section of our website to download. Please also refer to this document for the provisions regarding the legally valid conclusion of the insurance and the claiming of insurance benefits.