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AKO guide AKO wild animal deterrent guide From corn fields ruined by wild boar, fish ponds plundered by otters, or sheep taken by wolves – the topic of wild animal deterrent is not just a perennial issue, but also has additional, new, problematic facets. Electric fences have been proven to provide safe, long-term protection. In our wild animal deterrent guide „Electric fence – a powerful argument! Wild animal freedom – but only until this point!“, we present an excerpt in words and pictures from our range of wild animal deterrent fence products, customised to the different wild animal types and their specific characteristics: proven practical solutions that ensure a successful and long-term protection function. Easy to understand graphics clarify the features of electric fence set-up, customised to respective wild animal types. Browse our wild animal deterrent guide online or request your free copy by e-mail to info@kerbl.com We are also happy to personally advise you via telephone at any time. AKO wolf defence guide The spread of the wolf in the cultivated landscape holds a potential for conflict. As opportunist feeders, wolves snatch the animals which they can apparently capture most easily. These are, above all, domestic animals such as sheep and goats. Appropriate measures to protect herds are therefore essential, in order to prevent losses. Our compact guide is intended to provide you with the most important information, tips, and approaches for effective wolf defence, using electric fences, and also to help you in selecting the right products for the protection of your herd. Browse our wolf defence guide online, or simply request your free copy by e-mail to info@kerbl.com! We are also happy to personally advise you via telephone at any time. Elektrozaun – ein schlagstarkes Argument Wilde Freiheit – aber nur bis hierhin! Impressum Herausgeber Albert Kerbl GmbH Felizenzell 9 D-84428 Buchbach Tel.: +49 8086 933 100 Fax: +49 8086 933 500 info@kerbl.de www.kerbl.de Geschäftsführung Albert Kerbl, Ulli Kerbl Konzept | Koordination | Redaktion MSDW MedienService Dirk Waltmann Gut Hollern 1g D-85386 Eching Tel.: +49 89 321 80 884 Fax: +49 89 321 80 883 info@medienservice-waltmann.de www.medienservice-waltmann.de Layout | Grafiken Design Elisabeth Richter Wilhelmstraße 8 80801 München Tel.: +49 89 215 888 66 design@elisabeth-richter.com www.elisabeth-richter.com Bildnachweise © Bernhard Gutleb © Axel Seidemann © Erich Marek © Heinz-Dietrich Hubatsch © Michael Stadtfeld © Henrik Willmann © Sonja Haase © Matthias Meyer © Jens Krüger © Axel Horstmann © Christoph Binöder © Luis Zink © Ödön Blaumann © MSDW © Gerhard Schwab © Alois Schuster © Stephan Morris/Fotolia.com © TSpider/Shutterstock.com © SJ Watt/Shutterstock.com ©Christian Schoissingeyer/ Shutterstock.com © Menno Schaefer/Shutterstock.com © Pack-Shot/Shutterstock.com Die Informations-Fibel und alle in ihr enthaltenen Beiträge und Abbildungen sind urheberrechtlich geschützt. Mit Ausnahme der gesetzlich zugelassenen Fälle ist eine Verwertung ohne schriftliche Einwilligung der Albert Kerbl GmbH strafbar. Dies gilt insbesondere für Vervielfältigungen, Übersetzungen, Mikroverfilmung sowie die Einspeicherung und Verarbeitung in elektronischen Systemen. Alle Angaben in dieser Fibel wurden nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen gemacht; eine Gewähr für die Richtigkeit kann von der Albert Kerbl GmbH und MSDW MedienService Dirk Waltmann dennoch nicht übernommen werden. Für eventuelle Schäden oder Nachteile, die aus den in der Fibel vorgestellten Informationen resultieren, übernehmen die Albert Kerbl GmbH und MSDW MedienService Dirk Waltmann keine Haftung. Stand März 2017 Wolfsabwehr Effektiver Herdenschutz dank Elektrozaun AKO tips & tricks for building your own horse paddock This guide is designed to assist you with the DIY installation of your individual fence system using AKO OctoWood wooden posts and/or T-Post metal posts. In order to get an initial overview of all required fence components, along with the cost, you can enter your paddock fence in our AKO fence calculator, www.fenceconfigurator.com, and generate a material requirements overview. Browse our guide online or request your free copy by e-mail to info@kerbl.com! We are also happy to personally advise you via telephone at any time.