AKO Fencing 2023

25 Ground Rod with T-profile 1 m item no. 44615 Underground cable, ø 1.6 mm item No. 44817, 44930, 44932, 44933 Lightning Choke item no. 44601 Recommended accessories: (not included) AKO Warning Sign item no. 446513 Digital Duo Voltmeter item No. 442328 Ground Rod with T-profile 2 m item no. 441369 The advantages at a glance: AKO’s power stations for the toughest fence requirements! 230 V power energisers provide security for an unlimited period. They are available in all the necessary power classes and are the best means of delivering the energy required (output 0.5 to 14.5 joules) on long fences or fences with vegetation, or for very robust animals. Animals and people are of course not harmed by this higher energy. All AKO units comply with applicable safety standards. • Low energy costs • Low maintenance • High output • Vegetation-resistant 230 Volt Power Supplies Made in Germany 230 volt power supplies used in the open air must be operated using a permanently installed socket. Power supply and connection must be protected from the direct effects of weather.