AKO Fencing 2023

34 360° Output voltage High/low/off switch Earth voltage Fence loop voltage Main earthing Reference earth (important for correct measurement results) Fence loop input (optional) Fence output (option of strong/weak) connection for 230-Volt operation connection for 12-Volt battery operation Battery Voltage multi-colour LED bar graph display for monitoring the output voltage Made in Germany 5-year warranty • Extremely high output voltage even under high loads • Extra large, clearly-arranged, permanently lit digital display • LED bar graph display for quick recognition of the current fence status and for monitoring the device from greater distances • fence pulse ideally adapted to the fence load, maximum security with minimum energy consumption thanks to AKO Powertronic • High safety in line with the latest safety standards • Solar backup possible • High/low mode – so that it can also be switched ON/OFF • AKO XDi devices automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest protection certainty, and making your work easier by reducing vegetation growth to a certain degree • Delayed shock strength adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals • the fence is constantly monitored by an alarm function, which triggers an alarm and slows the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for an extended period of time • robust, impact-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant housing thanks to the use of high-quality plastics • microprocessor controlled • 230/12 Volt back-up operation* possible • integrated hanging device for wall mounting • corresponds to applicable EU safety standards • * Device is connected simultaneously to 230 Volts and 12 Volts and switches automatically to 12-Volt mode if the 230-Volt mains supply fails. • (suitable for metal box 44656 and 44650) Included in delivery: 1 x fence unit, 1 x 230 volt power pack (371030), 1 x 12 volt connection cable (AKO269790), 1 x ground connector cable, 1 x fence connector cable, 1 x reference connection cable, 1 x warning sign Power Station XDi