AKO Fencing 2023

43 12 V Battery Units Strong output even on fences with heavier vegetation! 12 V battery units are ideal for very robust animals, long fences and/or fences with vegetation if no 230 V connection is available. The discharge energy is comparable to that of power energisers (output approx. 0.5 to 5 joules). Rechargeable 12 V batteries are used as the power source, and must be recharged every 2 – 4 weeks or so depending on the type of unit, required power and battery type. Solar modules, which convert solar energy into electricity and therefore constantly top up the 12 V battery, are a good add-on. All our 12 V units have deep discharge protection, helping you maintain the performance of the 12 batteries. • Mobile • Powerful • Rechargeable • Solar option • Deep discharge protection Underground cable, ø 1.6 mm item No. 44817, 44930, 44932, 44933 Recommended accessories: (not included) Ground Rod with round profile item no. 44619 AKO Warning Sign item no. 446513 The advantages at a glance: 12 Volt, AGM battery Item No. 442067 75 Ah Item No. 441203 88 Ah Item No. 441204 110 Ah 230 Volt Power Pack • for connection to a 230 Volt supply (can therefore be operated both with or without 12 Volt battery) for AD 2000 digital, AD 3000 digital, AD 5000, A 1200, A 800 ​ Do not use as battery charger! ​ Ref. no. ​ € 371012 1/80 ​ solar modules optionally available Ground connection cable 3 m 44635/011 Digital Duo Voltmeter item No. 442328 Metal battery case item No. 44656, 44650 Made in Germany