AKO Fencing 2023

66 Output voltage in kilovolts multi-colour LED bar graph display for monitoring the output voltage Battery supply voltage in volts and battery status symbol • 1-4: Power levels for normal to extreme fence conditions • AUTO: Unit automatically selects the optimum power level from 1 to 4 230 Volt Power Pack for 9 Volt Battery Units ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. ​ € 371016 1/14 ​ • only for PowerStation BD and B260 multi Made in Germany 5-year warranty • large digital display on top of the device gives the user all key information at a glance – even in darkness • automatic mode – minimal energy consumption thanks to optimised, independent adjustment of the output power in line with the fence length and status. Battery consumption is therefore minimal and optimum security is maintained over a very large fenced area • can be operated via 230 V power pack • allows for optional operation with 12 V battery – with deep discharge protection • robust, impact-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant housing thanks to the use of high-quality plastics • very bright, clearly visible LED light • corresponds to applicable EU safety standards Power Station BD 360°