AKO Fencing 2023

81 100 Fence Batteries What does C100 mean when referring to the capacity of a rechargeable battery? The usable capacity of a rechargeable battery is heavily dependent on the amount of discharge current. Since the rechargeable battery is completely discharged during a measurement, a discharge over a longer period (e.g. 100 hours for C100) means that the discharge current is much lower than during a rapid discharge (e.g. 20 hours at C20; C20 always applies when no other data are provided). As a result, a rechargeable battery in an application with very low discharge current has a higher usable capacity than when the same rechargeable battery is used within a shorter timespan and thus at a higher discharge current. Battery capacity (% of initial capacity) Number of charging/discharging processes Starter battery Special wet battery AKO Premium AGM battery Standard AGM battery Special Wet Rechargeable Battery 12 Volt • extremely low self-discharge • ideal for 12 V battery units with or without solar panel • designed especially for fencing units due to its slow charge and discharge cycles • acid: sulphuric acid 37 % = density of 1.28 • supplied without acid • when not in use, the battery must be charged at least once a month • „dry pre-charged“ battery • charge completely after filling with acid • capacity data for a 100-hour standard discharge (C100) • 1-year warranty (note: warranty does not cover deep discharging) ​ Important: for safety reasons, the batteries are supplied without battery acid. We recommend that they be filled by a professional „on site“! ​ Ref. no. Voltage Capacity L x W x H Weight Battery acid ​ ​ € 442061 12 V 100 Ah 278 mm x 175 mm x 190 mm 12.7 kg 3.7 L 1 64 ​ suitable for battery boxes from Savanne, Mobil Power A 1200, AD 2000 digital and AD 3000 digital, as well as for metal battery cases for AN units and Power A units