AKO Fencing 2023

85 NEW from 2023: Incl. 230-Volt power pack! Tip: Always connect the control unit permanently to the 230-Volt power pack during prolonged periods of storage (e.g. winter) to protect the integrated buffer battery! FenceCONTROL works with all commercially available fence devices. The control unit can either be operated directly via 9, 12, or 230 volts (especially when the control unit is not positioned in direct proximity with the fence control unit) or via the same power supply (9 or 12 volts) as the electric fence battery energizer (please also order the corresponding connection cable). ​ Included in delivery: 1 x FenceCONTROL (441122), 1 x 230-Volt power pack (371018), 1 x backup li-ion battery (268218), 1 x fence connection cable (441603/011), 1 x ground connection cable (269791) Important: When purchasing the FenceControl (441122), the appropriate power cable for 12 Volts or 9 Volts must be bought separately, according to the selected power supply. Control Unit Ref. no. ​ € 441122 1/20 ​ Ref. no. Description Length ​ € 371019 Connector Cable 12 Volt 115 cm 1/60 ​ 371020 Connector Cable 9 Volt ​ 1/60 ​ 441123 On / Off Switching Adapter for 230 Volt Units ​ 1 ​ 371018 371019 371020 441123 Testing and Control Equipment Exception: If the FenceCONTROL is directly connected to fence devices (especially for the purpose of switching the fence device on or off via the FenceCONTROL APP), where a solar module is also connected DIRECTLY to the fence device (e.g. AKO-SunPower S250, S500, S1000, S1500, S3000, AD3000, AD2000, A1200, AN4000, or other devices from these technology families), switching off this fence device via the FenceCONTROL APP will not work reliably since only the power supply from the 12 V battery to the fence device is interrupted when „switching off“. However, current can still flow from the solar module directly to the fence device and thus generate a current pulse. Fence devices with the solar module connected directly to the 12 Volt battery can be reliably switched on and off via the FenceCONTROL APP.