AKO Fencing 2023

86 Testing and Control Equipment Pulse Flash • flashes green with every fence impulse • under 3000 V light stops flashing and thereby shows that the fence is no longer safe • using it on several spots on your fence gives you easy visual control of your fence status ‘in situ’ even during the day • also ideal as additional defence against wild animals! • attachment and electrical contact directly with the conductor material • no batteries required Expert tip: Place the Pulse Flash at the end of your fence system. This means you can tell at a glance whether the minimum herding voltage of 2,500 V is flowing at the end of your fence and thus through your entire system. ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour ​ € 442373 black 1/50 ​ Digital Defect Finder • for precise troubleshooting of your electric fence. This device has a dual function – it is both a digital fence voltage tester and ammeter. This means you can easily detect potential error sources in your fence. • Respective illuminated direction indicators help you to do so. • includes ground spike • operated with: 1 x 9 V Block Battery • Battery included ​ ​ ​ Our multimeter has the advantage over conventional test equipment • convenient and safe application due to ergonomic housing • universal contact clips suitable for all conducting materials • convenient measurement through automatic earthing Ref. no. ​ € 442562 1/25 ​ Digital DUO Voltmeter New! Digital AKO “All-in-One“ DUO voltmeter checks the voltage of fence devices, electric fences and 9 volt or 12 volt batteries. Conventional fence voltmeters only measure the fence (high) voltage and cannot read the lower battery voltages. Multimeters can test batteries but are damaged when testing the high voltages of electric fences. AKO‘s DUO voltmeter measures both high and low voltages with a single, inexpensive tool. • All-in-one features: • measures the high voltage on the device or fence in kilovolts (0.5 - 13.0-> 500 - 13,000 V) and the battery voltage in Volts (from 3 - 18 V). Values above this are indicated by „Hi“. • digital display enables the precise display of the measured value • lightweight and simple to use • extra-long battery life thanks to power saving technology -> Lo = Low Batt Info • operated with: 1 x 9 V Block Battery • Battery included ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour ​ € 442328 black 1/100 ​ > 3000 V  < 3000 V 