AKO New Products 2022

34 AKO PoultryNet Premium AKO Premium Poultry Nets - highest quality and optimised stability thanks to the new patented PREMIUM posts. The 106 cm tall and optionally electrified poultry nets impress with proven quality and innovative new posts. The extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts offer absolute stability and prevent the nets from sagging. The narrow mesh size in the lower part of the net makes these nets ideal for chickens, geese and turkeys as well as for lambs. • height 106 cm (11 horizontal wires) • extremely robust and stable PREMIUM posts with galvanised ground tip (double prong) • extremely stable welded knots • particularly small mesh width in the lower area of the net • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires ​ ​ 3 year warranty of UV stability Simple and fast repairs due to our Litzclip® Repair Set AKO PoultryNet Premium