Calf Houses

2 The CalfHouse series for a successful start in life Healthy calves with the CalfHouse series In order to significantly reduce the risk of diarrhoea, calves should be exposed to a minimum amount of germs as possible. This is only possible when they are penned separately from the mother and with calves of the same age. Science and practical experience has proven time and again that Calf Houses are an optimal housing system for calves: They provide an hygienic environment, provide good ventilation and lighting conditions in both summer and winter, and thus the best prerequisites for health, vitality and well-being for newborn calves. Optimal climate – both in summer and winter • high insulation and UV protection due to high-quality materials • increasing roof slope with ventilation openings ensure optimum air circulation so that humid air can heat escape at the top • pure white surfaces prevent overheating of the interior space Animal-Friendly Design • large dimensions • fencing with minimal spacing between the vertical struts and side guards to prevent injuries • smooth interior surfaces prevent licking of material fibres, facilitate cleaning and thus significantly improve hygienic conditions High stability • high-quality materials ensure breakage safety and impact resistance as well as a long service life for the Calf House • Uniform wall thickness and side stability arches increase durability, and also offer additional torsional stiffness • robust, galvanised fencing • side guards provide the fencing with additional stability