Calf Accommodation

10 Single calf houses Suitable in accordance with animal welfare regulations: Our calf houses and boxes comply with animal welfare regulations and have the optimum design for the requirements of calf rearing. Find out more online at CalfHouse Premium Plus More space! More stability! This Calf House, increased in both length and height, offers the calf improved protection from the weather and gives farmers more space when handling the calf. The CalfHouse Premium Plus is built using special fibreglass material with a very high surface mass. This gives it excellent resistance against tears and impacts. The wall construction is also additionally reinforced in all edge areas and in the corners of the calf house. The easy-to-clean plastic barrier improves hygiene. This Calf House also has an optimal ventilation system that regulates the climate in the house without any draughts. Bucket not included ​ Local animal protection regulations must be observed! Please note separate freight costs. Technical data ​ House material GFK External hut dimensions 210 cm x 115 cm x 145,5 cm Ref. no. Description ​ ​ € ​ 14581 CalfHouse Premium Plus without fencing 1 10 ​ ​ 14580 CalfHouse Premium Plus with light fencing 1 4 ​ ​ 14585 CalfHouse Premium Plus with heavy fencing 1 4 ​ ​ Ref. no. Description Material Length Width Height Weight ​ ​ € ​ 144720 Fence lightweight for CalfHouse Premium Plus and Master Plus galvanised metal 150 cm 110 cm 96 cm 30 kg 1 24 ​ ​ 144322 Fence heavy for CalfHouse Premium Plus and Master Plus galvanised metal 150 cm 110 cm 96 cm 45 kg 1 22 ​ ​ 14304 threshold Plastic 100 cm 2,3 cm 14,5 cm 4 kg 1 168 ​ ​