Calf Accommodation

7 Kerbl CalfHouse The ideal home for calves Calf houses combine all the advantages to give calves the best possible start. The houses offer protection from all kinds of weather at all times of the year. At the same time, air circulation is promoted by the rising roof slopes and ventilation openings, which reduces germ pressure and creates the best possible micro-climate. The run offers outdoor climate stimuli and expands the generous space. Calf houses from Kerbl are therefore also suitable for use in organic livestock farming without any restrictions! In science and practice, calf houses are considered the best housing system, both during individual and group housing. Single calf houses protected and spacious optimal climate – both in summer and winter • high insulation and UV protection due to high-quality materials • promotion of air circulation through the shape of the house and removal of moist warm air • white surfaces prevent heating up animal-friendly design • large amount of space • fence with minimal spacing between the vertical struts and side guards to prevent injuries • smooth interior surfaces prevent licking of material fibres, facilitate cleaning and thus significantly improve hygienic conditions Robustness • high-quality materials ensure breakage safety and impact resistance as well as a long service life for the calf house • uniform wall thickness and side stability arches increase static stability and also offer additional torsional stiffness • robust, hot-dip galvanised fencing • side guards provide the fencing with additional stability UV