6 Masks from the AirOne family An inhalator can only develop its full effect if the inhalation solution also reaches the horse's lungs. This is only possible with a mask that allows perfect ventilation. This is guaranteed by the specially developed inhalation and exhalation valves in the "hippomed" masks. But our masks are not only unique because of the valves: * There is no special shetty mask for the AirOne Flex. In this case, the AirOne Flex is used with the standard shetty mask and the long tube. tightly fitting mask thanks to silicone rim Fits the horse's mouth and is comfortable to wear Inhalation and exhalation valve create a chimney effect Fresh air supply can be smoothly regulated Made from unbreakable, long-lasting polycarbonate Secure fixation to the unit with high-quality rubber straps (AirOne Flex) Easy disinfection and cleaning thanks to removable valves and fixing screws on the rubber straps (AirOne Flex). The silicone rim can also be easily removed and cleaned. Mask type AirOne AirOne Flex Shetty mask ✓ * Pony mask ✓ ✓ Warmblood mask ✓ ✓ Coldblood mask ✓ ✓